Disability in India:

  • 1. Population Statistics:

    Over 26 million individuals in India live with some form of disability, constituting about 2.21% of the total population.

  • 2. Education Disparities:

    Only about 56% of disabled individuals between 5-19 years attend educational institutions, compared to 75% of non-disabled individuals in the same age group.

  • 3. Employment Rates:

    Employment rates among the disabled population stand at around 23% compared to nearly 69% among the non-disabled, highlighting significant employment disparities.

Poverty and Old Age:

  • Elderly Poverty Rates:

    A substantial portion of India's elderly population faces poverty, with approximately 20% of individuals aged 60 and above living below the poverty line.

  • Healthcare Challenges:

    Access to healthcare remains a challenge, especially for elderly individuals, with limited affordability and accessibility to essential medical services.

Children in Poverty:

  • 1. Children in Poverty:

    Around 22% of children in India live below the poverty line, facing significant challenges in accessing quality education due to financial constraints.

  • 2. Healthcare and Malnutrition:

    Malnutrition remains a pressing issue, with about 38% of children under the age of five being stunted, contributing to long-term health challenges.

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Lack of Education and Healthcare:

  • 1. Educational Disparities::

    Despite efforts, educational disparities persist, with approximately 22% of the population aged 15 and above being illiterate.

  • 2. Healthcare Accessibility:

    Accessibility to quality healthcare services is a concern, with disparities in healthcare infrastructure and services across different regions in India.