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My name is Dr. Saikaustav Dasgupta. I am a graphic designer, a singer, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, 15 plus world and national record holder, global ambassador for family peace and the founder of Happiness unlimited. I got my wheelchair customized in the month of July in 2015. It is an indian made Tetra EX electric wheelchair which is battery operated and easily chargeable . This wheelchair has changed my life and know people call me 'the wheelchair warrior of India' and it's credit goes to the wheelchair. After 6 years of confinement it gave me new chapter in my life. It has made my life mobile and unlimited that I can roam around the house and do all my activities. It has become very easy to transfer myself to bed and vice versa. Every aspect of this wheelchair has been made according to my requirements. I have been abled to travel around India with it. . You can also get one for yourselves

Dr. Saikaustav Dasgupta


In some words i can say that.my whole world has been changed with this wheelchair...somewhere when i was in the aura of negatively....with the coming of this chair it has been fully changed..i can go out and feel the outer world with which i was disconnected since long time... interacting with old and new people....make myself so happy that i got energy to do something for myself.... somewhere when i was just.. surrounded by just four walls of my room...and even can't move to drink water on my own...with this wheelchair i can do my whole work on my own.... And one more thing with taking me as an inspiration many of my such friends also ordered same indoor / outdoor wheelchair

Utkarsh Sharma


I am user of Tetra Exi Power chair from 9 years and life has taken a huge turn post I purchased it. It has given 80% of the freedom I was looking in my life and on my self confidence. If you are looking for an Make in India Wheelchair this is one for it. The prices may look high but quality is uncompressible and worth an investment for a better life.

Deepa Maski

I’m Balu from Trivandrum. I have been using power wheelchair since 2013. This wheelchair changed my life dramatically. It gave me mobility and boosted my self esteem. This opened up the world to me. Now I can go out and interact with others to a greater extend. It enabled me to complete my studies and to find a good job . My social life also improved. I also love to travel. The freedom provided by the power wheelchair improved my life’s quality very much. Highly recommended !!



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