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Together, we envision a nation where every underprivileged individual experience dignity, inclusion, and unwavering support, enabling them to spread their wings and pursue their dreams with boundless possibilities.

A foundation committed to fostering a more inclusive society, where underprivileged, elderly and specially abled individuals are empowered to embrace their full potential.

Give them wings
  • Our Vision

    At 'Give Them Wings,' our vision is a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, thrives in a supportive and inclusive society. We envision a future where all members of the disabled community, underprivileged and elderly in India have equal access to opportunities, resources, and support needed to soar beyond limitations.

    We are committed to expanding our reach across all underprivileged communities, extending our hands to those in need. By fostering partnerships with corporate social responsibility initiatives and engaging in crowdfunding, we aim to create a sustainable and impactful platform. Through strategic collaboration with NGOs, we identify and empower beneficiaries, ensuring they receive tailored aid and comprehensive support.

    Together, we aspire to build a nation where every underprivileged person experience dignity, inclusion, and the unwavering support needed to spread their wings and achieve their dreams.

    Our ultimate vision is a future where disability, old age or backwardness is not a barrier but a facet of diversity, where every person in India finds their place, achieves their aspirations, and soars to unimaginable heights. Together, let's create a world where 'Give Them Wings' becomes a symbol of hope, empowerment, and boundless possibilities for all."

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is rooted in our commitment to foster a more inclusive society, where underprivileged, elderly and specially abled individuals are empowered to embrace their full potential. Our relentless dedication revolves around three pillars:

    Empowerment through Support: We aim to empower the underprivileged and elderly who strive for better quality of life throughpartnerships with CSR initiatives, crowdfunding efforts, and collaborations with trusted NGOs, we aim to identify, advocate for, and support those in need

    Inclusive Opportunities: We believe in creating a platform that transcends barriers and opens doors to equal opportunities for the underprivileged by offering tailored assistance, resources, and opportunities,to facilitate pathways to education, employment, and social integration, fostering a more inclusive environment

    Advocacy and Awareness: Our mission extends beyond immediate support; we are committed to raising awareness about the challenges faced by the community and advocating for their rights in order to drive societal change and break down barriers that limit access and inclusion.

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Mr. Narayan G Rao


Prof. H Purushotham

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