Manufacturing Partner

In our goal to provide easy access to mobility on the highest possible level, we have carefully reviewed the product details of the existing wheelchairs being sold in India.

Comparison of existing wheelchair sellers:

Key Features Give Them Wings Europe Chinese Taiwanese USA
Made in India Yes No No No No
After Sales
Life-long Doorstep No No No No
Customization Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible
Availability of
Across India Limited Nil Limited Limited
Yes, especially designed for Indian Terrain No No No No
3 Years No warranty No warranty Limited Warranty Limited Warranty

Please join hands to make this enormous and magnificent dream of us and all of the million people come true.


After carefully considering the key features, we have decided to partner with Ostrich Mobility as their wheelchairs are foremost 'Made in India' and are especially designed and manufactured for Indian Road conditions. They are a leading brand in the Electric wheelchair and hospital beds industry (DME Market) with enhanced brand image and serving the Indian market since 2007.

Ostrich offers innovative mobility solutions with patented technologies (Split Frame and Automated Wheelbase Adjuster) around Suspension, Maneuverability and Safety. Their Rear Wheel Drive has been designed particularly for Indian road conditions. Further, upon realizing the value the 'Give Them Wings' wishes to add, Ostrich Mobility has happily agreed to offer a 20% discount on every wheelchair, which would help us in giving more wings!

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